Online vs Offline Marketing

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M also agree that online marketing is much better then offline matter, as more than 75% population is seeing everything online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, that can help every small merchants or retailers to gain traffic at low cost.
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Online marketing plays more important role
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Everything is online nowadays. Without internet you can't spend a day. So, Online marketing is the main thing you should follow for your business.
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cost effctness is major diffrence
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In my opinion, the best online marketing break for the time being will be reaching out to more audiences
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No matter how much online marketing grows, offline marketing will always remain relevant and effective due to that personal touch.
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In my opinion, online marketing business is more effective than offline marketing as it also depends on the region or country that where do you live. If you live in third world country where people has less internet access then you should prefer offline marketing and if you reside in developed country like USA and UK then you should focus on online marketing such as big social media platform.
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Companies spend a lot of amounts to promote their brand to increase their sales or services throughout. When it comes to expenses, online marketing is affordable than offline marketing.

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