Make money on YouTube?

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Can I create multiple #YouTube accounts link my #Adsense to them and then upload my videos to each of them is it allowed to #MakeMoney like that?
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Create #GooglePlus account or a page wait 30 days ad then claim your URL this will also create a YouTube channel with similar URL so make sure to use one that will be relevant to your channel content or keywords you target.

Now from YouTube apply for #Adsense:

Once you get approval email simply upload videos monetize them and #EarnMoney.
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You can easily make money through Youtube Channel as you have to take the following steps:
1: Create Gmail Account
2: Then Create Youtube Channel
3: Attach it with Google Adsense
4: Upload High Resolution Videos
5: Get views and subscribers
6: Earn Money
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There are many ways to earn money from YouTube. Few of them are Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Traffic generation, Sponsor Ads, Selling personal eBook or service, etc.

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