Is it really possible to make money on stock market?

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Many say stock market is the place to make big money BUT is it really true? Or sooner or later we are destine to fail?
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Yes, why not, But It totally depends on market situation.
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The stock market is really cool to make money but it depends on the situation whether the market is up or down but in my opinion, never invest in stock market as without proper planning you will lose all of your assets.
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Stock trading in the long run may bring you much profit only if you start it with some experience and knowledge behind and only if you have some funds to spend - like $1000 at least. You should not perceive trading as gambling and you should not believe that you can get fast results
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If you have a good way of thinking and understand that you have to make money in an inherently mercurial market, you try to be realistic instead of perfectionist in stock trading. A good trading day for a realistic and positive trader will not be one when he makes money. It would be the one when he has made both an extensive and intensive research in the stock he wants to trade in. He has made a thorough planning with discipline and follows each step as per his planned strategy. Making money in stock market for such investors will become easy. Experts in trading psychology believe that it is important to concentrate upon things which you can easily control. You should not try to lose your focus on attending things which you cannot control.

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