Internet forums & PTC for social media marketing

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When there are talks about social media marketing, facebook, twitter, instagram seems to dominate the minds of people.

Past 10 years, I have visited and posted in 50 to 60 internet forums. One of the best ways to promote your websites/blogs, affiliate/referral links is to use "forum signatures"

When you make a post/reply or start a thread in forums, your signature will appear at the bottom of the posts and threads.Some 100,000,000 people are members and readers of various forums on the internet.

Some 10,000,000 people earn money from PTC network websites where members also share their knowledge & experience and speak to each other.

So internet forums and PTC network websites are also social media.

PTC network could be the next big thing.

Facebook and twitter could be losing users for all the illegal activities being done over the internet.
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Report say facebook, twitter, instagram etc.. have 75% of social network traffic. So 200,000,000 to 400,000,000 internet users must be members and readers of internet forums.

25% of 3,000,000,000 is 750,000,000
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PTC is useless. Don't waste your money.
Forum posting and guest posting do wonders.
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yes forum and guest posting is very good
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The Internet forums and PTC are more useful for social media marketing as forum posting and guest blogging are valuable for successful social media marketing.

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