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Internal Duplicate Content

fraza Offline referral

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Kindly guide me how to handle the following situation.
I have a product lets say "Sony Headset XYZ " { This product specs are

Over-ear type, Water proof and durable}
Lets I made following posts for my Headset sites
1. Water Proof Headset
2. Durable Headset
3. Over Ear Headset

Since Sony product XYZ qualify for the above 3 posts so I would like to present

this product with its specification on above 03 posts . Now I have following

1 would it create a duplication of content ?
2 How to deal with it?
3 What is the right way of dealing Affiliate products.

Best Regards.
amulya987 Offline referral

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content is the major part of seo it gives the best results. If you want good results don't update duplicate content for your website. Write rich content and is there any duplicate content you can use for the canonical tags.
caanwings1 Offline referral

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canonical is the way out a deal with it duplicate content if you really want duplicate and if you not required then change duplicate content and replace into the original one

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