How to use Google Adwords?

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What Google Adwords is used? Is it free to use? Is is used to make money?
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Google Adwords is part of the SEM (search engine marketing) also knows as PPC (pay per click) Ad Network. Anyone it's free to join but understandably campaign will cost you money!
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(06-03-2015 02:33 PM)sasha Wrote:  What Google Adwords is used? Is it free to use? Is is used to make money?

Google adwords, otherwise called as Google pay per click
Google PPC helps the website to get placed above the organic search results

It is a paid marketing

Of course, the website listed (Randomly if the competition is high) in the top searches below the search bar. You'll get tons of leads based on the competition.
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Google Adwords is the part of SEM, It can be used in the form of ads by creating campaigning and it is a paid service.

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