How to make money online in 2019?

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What are the best ways to earn money online or from the internet this 2019 year?

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Best Ways to Earn Money Online in 2019
1 Start an eCommerce Buzness or Shop
2 Online Blog
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In 2019 the most trendy method to make money is given below.

Affiliate Marketing, (30 Affiliate Programs you can join right now)
Dropshipping,(Shopify, AliDropship, WooDropship)
Freelancing, (Freelancer, UpWork, People Per Hour)
Writing your own eBook, (Amazon Kindle)
Renting your house to visitors,(Airbnb)
Real Estate (Domains),
Selling Websites/Blogs.
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Blogging is the best way to earn money from online. There is a lot of affiliate marketing to start with.
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Do Blogging, Google adsense for online make money quickly
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Its good you have planned to earn before entering 2019 ok coming back to the point there are many ways to earn like Blogging if you are good at writing content Affiliate Marketing,eCommerce also you can try,you can write Ebook and sell it on various platforms also
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Many ideas Best make money online
a.) Start your blogging account and submit to google adsece
b.) Start a chat social media sites like (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, snap chat etc....)
c) Join affiliate marketing sites
d.) Start online trainer channel on youtube
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Online Survey is the best option to make money online.

Also do:

PPC, Adsense , Affilate marketing and many more..
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If you can generate traffic on website than blogging will be the best idea, I suggest. Monetize it with "Adsense" and other ad platforms like "Taboola" to generate revenue.

I know many bloggers who easily earn lacks from it.
But patience is the key to success.
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I agree, patience is needed to get a high traffic website, but continuing to write relevant quality content is needed also, monetize with Adsense is best

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