How to make money on YouTube fast?

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I know many are making huge amount of money on #YouTube and pretty much make a living out of there how do I start earning money on YouTube fast?
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To #makemoney on #YouTube with #Adsense is free but if you wanna hire a professional video editor, Composer etc. to make your video look professional then it's gonna cost you.

Create Google account use it to create a youtube one then use it to apply for adsense once get approved you can upload videos monetize them and #earnmoney.
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You can make money fast on Youtube if you adopt the following techniques which are as follows:
1: Create Youtube Channel
2: Create high-resolution videos
3: Create video on recent and hot topics
4: Create videos with complete story
5: Post it on social media platform
6: Grab high number of subscribers and views
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Unfortunately, there is no fast way to make money with youtube these days as youtube require you to have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers before your channel qualifies for youtube partner program.

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