How to learn SEO fast?

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#SEO is pretty important I got that and I need to learn search engine optimization to increase my website #Google rankings! I am not in the mood to spend #money on #SEOServices?
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#SEO is not that difficult to understand you only need to learn a few things like:

#OnPage Optimization:
Post quality content. Make sure the website is optimized for #Google with the keywords relevant to your niche. Also make sure site performance is great it loads fast and get high Google Insights score. Also make use of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags as well as Title and Description. Make sure they are rich in keywords you target.

#OffPage Optimization:
Simply means that you have to generate a ton of backlinks to your site from other websites to that are relevant to yours. Also #SocialMedia signals!
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I heard that it's not so important to generate a ton of backlinks. And keywords can cause the opposite effect to the intended (Google has algorithms that detect such articles). But I agree with one thing - creating good content is the key.
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There is no any shortcut in SEO because of google make it hard so you need a lot of time but you can improve it.

Use google to find good seo tricks site and learn their technique, use it on your free domain or useless domain and then apply on your money site.
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#SEO is all about content ,,, you can also learn seo techniques from search engine land
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If you don't have money, you need time to SEO your page to top google. There isn't any another method.
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there are multiple resource to learn SEO online you must be read the Google webmaster guildeline
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There are number of sites who provides resources to learn SEO. Moz like sites provides best content to learn.
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If you want to learn SEO, the best way to do so is for you to optimize your website yourself. Start with Free SEO Report. All you have to do is enter in your URL and the keyword/keyword phrase you want to rank for, and it will tell you what to change and fix. You'll quickly get the hang of how SEO works.

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