How to increase Google rankings fast?

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I need to get my website ranking on #Google first page fast case I need to start #makingmoney today like fast please how to?
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It's recommended by the #SEO experts that you should start by conquering long tail #keywords or search queries first.

Now for the website to rank on Google first page it has to comply with at learn basic SEO! It's much easier to rank a webpage as it only requires high quality content. Domain name is harder as it need not only good on-page but also off-page optimization and high PA (page authority).

You only have to follow 2 rules.

1. Make sure the site has high Google insights score and has high quality content.
2. It has a ton of #socialmedia signals.
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Build good quality links for your website. its only way to get ranked on google.
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Following are the few SEO techniques that commonly use.

1. Blog Posting
2. Article Posting
3. Bookmarking
4. Forum Posting
5. Directory Submission
6. Classified posting

If you follow these techniques, you can increase your site rankings
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you can easily improve website ranking by publish high quality content in website as well as update regular blog for update website. you need to create high quality link for website for better ranking.

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