How to improve SEO fast?

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I am working on my #website #SEO and it takes long time and I see no results. My website #Google #rankings getting worse not increasing going down! I wanna know how to improve search engine optimization fast easy and for free?
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Only few steps:

#OnSite and #OffSite #optimization!

This meas that you have to make sure as a #webmaster that your website has high Google insights score I mean loads fast, has great performance and has minimum amount of code errors.

And you need to make sure that the site has a ton of backlinks and social media signals pointing to it!

If you accomplish this the site will rank on Google fist page fast!
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Improve your page loading speed. Your page loading time is important for a few purposes. Produce high-quality content. Optimize your images. Break up your content with header tags. Start blogging. Use outbound links. Add more than text, And do these off-page activities for improving your SEO ranking
Guest posts
Article submission
web2.0s submission
Yahoo answering
Classified submission
Local Business Listing
PPT sharing
PDF sharing
Images Sharing
Video submission
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follow these steps it will help to rank your keywords on SERP?
Do proper on-page and off-page optimization
submit your site or create backlinks high domain authority sites and must do-follow sites.
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How to improve SEO fast

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