How to get dofollow backlink from Google+ Plus?

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Is there a way to some how get a dofollow backlinks from #Googleplus social media site? Or since it's #Google it's doesn't really important it will pass #SEO juice anyways?
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What is the point! #Google will pass the #SEO juice despite the rel #nofollow.
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No, I don't think there is any way to get dofollow backlinks from google plus.
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Google plus won't allow dofollow back links, therefore you can concentrate other higher page rank websites related to your niche for better ranking
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Yes you can get do-follow link from About Section introduction paragraph.
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Google doesnot allow dofollow link so better contentrate on other social meda like stumbleupon ,pinterest etc.
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May be you can get do follow links form about us section in G+. Try it and post your review here.
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In G+ about introduction section, when you insert a link, there is no rel="nofollow" tag which means this is a dofollow link. However, it does not count even if you check in different backlink checker
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I do not think that's possible!
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Google+ is only one of many websites that may serve to getting dofollow links to our website.
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I think try to get a dofollow link from Google Plus is impossible now.
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Instead, put the link in the Link Attachment area so you'll get the SEO benefit of a DoFollow link.
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Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Wordpress.and many High PR site will Get PR9 Backlinks : 13+ Sources to Get Free Dofollow High PR Backlinks ... getting high, quality, dofollow, PR9 backlink from Google Plus is quite easy.
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Linking keywords within your Google plus account is quite simple. Login to your Google Plus account and click on Profile, About and then click on Edit under the Story and Work sections.

how to get links from Google plusOnce the window above pops up, enter the keywords which you target to rank high on Google. Make sure you don’t spam too many keywords. I recommend sending only 3 to 4 keywords in every 100 words of content I write in the Introduction section. Since you can edit this section whenever needed, don’t worry if you think you might want to make a change later.
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I dont think there is any way to get dofollow backlink from Google+. If anyone knows any way to get a dofollow backlink from Google then please share us. In my opinion a backlink from search engine giants is enough, we should not think about it in this way that it is do-follow or nofollow, just keep getting backlinks as they are free and any backlink totally free is always welcome, cause it can help in improving position in search engine.

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