How do I get on the first page of Google?

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I need to get my #website on #Google first page I mean make it rank on top 10 search results fast so that I can begin #MakingMoney how to do it need some reliable tactics, tips, tricks and techniques?
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Well obviously first you need a quality website, webpage or content. Then get a ton of #SocialMediaSignals and you will be on #GoogleFirstPage in no time!
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Its hard and not so easy. You need to do a good seo of your website.

Ranking on #1 is not a easy.
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Do quality work not quantity work.
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It is really a hard work! you have to work like beavers in order to get the first position!Of course, the main step is the cool content and great website's promotions: guest posts, social networks etc. I wanna say it will last for a long time but the main is your wish!
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This is not easy way now a days, Focus on quality content and Active on social networking sites.

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