How can I start an e-commerce store?

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I wanna start making money online and I would like to know how to start my own online business like store or eCommerce site?
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#Google for "online store builder" and use any of those services. Or you can simply hire a #freelancer to build the site for you ain't gonna be cheap!
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Know what you sell and do research about requirements to sell certain products online and ship them. Some regulations can be very strict.

Pick a domain name, a good hosting plan, SSL certificate to process payment information and SiteLock to protect personal information of your future buyers.

Develop the website and start from 5-25 products listed online. Link Google Analytics. This tool will make your life easier and tell you what problems your buyers are going thru.

Get a place to store your products. If it's not a lot you can do it at home, but if you have over 5,000 items you might need to rent a small warehouse.

Promote your website. Use display ads and invest in SEO so when people search for what you sell they find you and buy it from you.

As I have 6 years of experience in Contus eCommerce development I can say for sure that these are the basic steps to setup eCommerce store.
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(08-17-2015 01:20 PM)sasha Wrote:  I wanna start making money online and I would like to know how to start my own online business like store or eCommerce site?

Actually to start eCommerce site, you required following valuable things

1st) Product and Niche which you want to promote using eCommerce sies
2nd) Domain name for your eCommerce site
3rd) You can install any eCommerce opensource script like Magento, preatshop etc
4th) You can also hire website developer to customize your website
5th) Purchase shared hosting or VPS in starting
6th) Purchase SSL certificate for your eCommerce site
7th) Hire some SEO peoples to promote your site

That's it...if want any let us know, we will be happy to help you - Reliable Hosting Provider
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You can connect any professional company which helps you to create eCommerce website.

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