How can I save the maximum amount of money?

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What are the best tactics, ways, techniques, tips and tricks to save the maximum amount of money?
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Well the only way you can save money is by spending less! It means that if you have many same products you should buy the one that has the lowest price I mean the cheap one Smile
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Be frugal and spend wisely. Use coupons if available Smile
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Always put 25% of your salary in your saving account every month.
Always search for deals and coupons.
Buy secondhand goods instead of new ones.
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There are many factors related to this maximizing the profit. In what perspective one talking about.
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Saving money always comes with adjustment and control. So, if you want to save some of your money you need to see that where you are spending our money for no reasons in that way you find out where you are spending meaningless and stop spending there.
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Really think about what you REALLY need, cut out everything you don't. Do you really need to drink that brand soda? Why not just water? It's healthier too! Use coupons, keep looking for bargain offers and if something is free always say yes!
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Saving wisely is very important because if you spend on buying any stuff which yo even don't need it is a waste of money and if you don't buy the stuff which you needed but you are not buying to save the money it is stinginess. So, spend wisely which means you can use coupons, control your extra expenses and try to make much by doing the part time job too.

Good luck!
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Saving money is a good habit but evasion of taxes are known as bad practices and if you want to save money through legal ways then you should use the following methods:
1: go for shopping but shop according to your need
2: go for dining but not to those restaurants who you cannot afford
3: go for saving schemes such as prize bonds and savings certificates
4: go for insurance

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