How can I save money on taxes for my online business?

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I am starting to make a ton of money online and that means I need to declare it and pay taxes! How to save money on this type of taxes?
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Well the trick is not to send all those payments to only one bank account that you own. Use PayPal then add multiple bank accounts that has a different holders name. When withdrawing money from PayPal split it and send money to different accounts.
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Wow! Do you earn a tone of money? Let me know how you do this? I would like also to make much money $$$ Smile
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Isn't that cheating? Sending the money off to different accounts? Sounds like avoidance of taxation to me. Just pay yo taxes, man
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use different accounts in papal.
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It is good to see that you are earning good from online work and now you want to pay tax then you should consult a income tax practitioner before filing income tax return as he will guide you.

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