How To Market And Sell Your Crafts?

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Please share your tips, tricks, tactics and techniques on how to market and sell my crafts, creations and goods?
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Try eBay, Amazon, local market, backyard sales, local, national and cable TV or radio.
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Selling through your own website
Put some personality into your page
Selling on Folksy
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Click High Quality Images of your Crafts. Make an account at Shopify. Add product on Shopify and share on Social Media. Also try to sale at Esty, Handmadeology, Made it Myself, Amazon, Ebay.
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You can link to sales sites like Amazon, Ebay ... or you can make your own website for you and run ads ...
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The best and easy way to access international market and sell your crafts as there are numerous e-commerce websites which you can use to sell your crafts according to your price and place and the big names of e-commerce sites are Amazon, eBay and you can also contact your local market to sell your crafts and one thing more you can reach large number of people through social media.
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Amazon might be the perfect place for you. You may also have your website.

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