Google Adword alternative?

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Google Adword is expensive for me because I spend to much money but I get only few customer.

There is any alternative to google adword which is pay per lead?
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You can get good deals and awesome results with #BingAds and even better results with #FacebookAds. Try searching for Facebook free credits, discounts, free advertising, coupons, promo codes etc.
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With regards to running a PPC battle, the principal name that strikes a chord is AdWords from Google. While this is a decent promotion arrange, it is additionally an extremely costly one. Indeed, even with cautious catchphrase choice and focusing on, it is not an exemption to pay more for AdWords advertisements than you make in income. Cost is the primary motivation to search for contrasting options to AdWords.
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Facebook Paid Ads
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There are so many alternatives websites to Google AdWords which are given below:
1: Bing Ads
2: Yahoo Gemini
3: AdRoll
4: Amazon
5: Info Links
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The best PPC marketing is not doubt by Google Adwords, but you can also try Bing ads and Facebook Ads that can be some alternative of Google Adwords. In addition you can also do marketing on Clicksor, 7search, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Buysellads and Blogads. These are some of the top companies which i have enlisted. Hope you get benefit from them.
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i Suggest Only Bing and Social Media ad's

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