Get traffic to website fast?

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I am posting and updating my #website like crazy but nobody is visiting the site? How can I generate #traffic to my website fast and easy?
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Well there are 2 ways paid or free ways it depends which one you prefer most.

Paid #traffic is high quality however most of the time it's more targeted and it's a fast one! #Free or #organictraffic in most cases is a quality and targeted one when it comes from #Google from other sources it's not!

To generate traffic to your website try:

#SocialMedia websites like #Facebook, #Twitter, #googleplus
#Forum posting and #blog commenting

PPC Advertising like #googleadwords, #facebookads, #twitterads or any type of pey per click #marketing
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Hi sasha,

To generate traffic for your website,

# Share your website in Facebook and linked-in groups
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All you need to do is Off Page SEO. Keep doing SEO as well as promote your website through social media AD's. Sooner you'll have your visitors.
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I think if you need instant traffic, then you can use ppc ads through search engine and social media sites.
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Can you tell more about your site, when was it built? What are your targeted audience? What are your niches? How about your content and site structure? If you have done all of these points well, take advantage of facebook, twitter, social nets, forums or Google Ads to promote your site!
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#PPC is the fastest way to get #traffic to website can be costly though!
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you can generate website traffic from social media sites or search engine.

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