Get on Google first page in 24 hours?

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I see a ton of offers online saying that they can get mu website ranking on Google first page fast in a day tops! Is this really true if so how much does it cost and how can I get it cheap?
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New website nope since it will take a month or two for Google to compile all info on the newly submitted website! New content YES.

Publish some quality and original content optimized for #SEO then make sure it gets a ton of social media likes, +1's and shares.

Now it all depends on the keyword/s you target. It's much easier to rank for a long tail one than for a shot one!
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no its not possible for a new website but if someone says that ,,, your site never look up on google avoid
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It is only possible to rank a website in a day on first page of google if it doesn't have reasonable competition.
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I'm sure it does take longer to a chive a good placement on Goggle's SERP. rf-harris is right.
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plz try their service once and see the results.
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If you want to get on Google first page in 24 hours, you must use google adwords. It's impossible to use only SEO to have that position.
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i don't think its true. They may be engaged with black hat seo.
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I do not think it is true, friend, except your site has focused on a very very strange and unique topic that nobody has ever talked about before. Then it can get to the top of Google fast in 24 hours. Besides, nothing will be such that.
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YES it is. Once you post some quality content just manually submit it here: and some times it shows in index in seconds!
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I think in organic way no possible, But only one way is google adwords.
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it is not possible to take your website in Google top page by high volume keywords. you can tag google first page in 10 days by your domain name but not under EMD

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