Earning Money with Affiliate Links?

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I have no idea about AffiliateMarketing but I have heard that there are ways to #MakeMoney with #Affiliate links how do start?
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#AffiliateMarketing is a great way to #EarnMoneyFastOnline! But to #MakeMoney this way you need to generate traffic to some affiliate landing page and then you will only get paid a small commission from the sale! This means that you can generate a ton of traffic like thousands but if only one person out that traffic ends up buying a products or do whatever they have to you will only make commission from that one person!

I instead would rather generate that traffic to my own website monetize it with #AdsenseAds and see the money flow.
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I would argue the case for doing both. There is no reason why you cannot run a high traffic blog, place google Adsense adverts whilst running text links to pages from an advertiser in an Affiliate Network to increase your odds of earning.

In short

Get paid for views by Google Adsense.
Get paid for sales from Affiliate Network.

Double win

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