Domain age matters?

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Does age of the domain name matters in search engine optimization?
My website is 8 months old, and is it possible to rank at top 3 positions?
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For #Google it does! #Domain name age signifies trust and reputation why... case most of the #websites only lasts 1 year or so.

However if the #website is new and it keeps pumping quality #content and gets a ton of #socialmedia #signals it will go up in #rankings for sure!
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Yes it does. There are lots of case studies that prove this.
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I think Yes, It gives positive sign.
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(11-18-2016 07:02 PM)Jesica Wrote:  I think Yes, It gives positive sign.

Agree with you.
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Now Domain Age is very important for any website for promotion, you should minimum 1-2 years old domain get better ranking in Google.
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Domain age can play a minor part only as damping factor – i.e. one of the factors signaling the search engine that this might be a spammy / illegitimate site;
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Domain age refers to the length of time that a website has been registered and active. Domain age conveys trust to website visitors and to the search engines. Two factors are considered in the age of a domain name. First, is the length of time that a domain has been registered.
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An aged domain has less influence than other factors like unique content.
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Yes domain age matters that if your website is at least one year old then definitely it will easily get ranked in google search engine but if your website domain is new then it will take some time to get stable and make its space in top ranking in search engine but even then your website can be ranked earlier if your regularly throw and update content of your website.and your git much visit likes from various social media platforms.

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