Can I make money ranking on 2nd page of Google?

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My website most of the times ranks on Google's second page can I expect to #GetTraffic and #MakeMoney?
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80% of #Google users only check the first page search results probably top 5 or so. 18% check the second page again top results and only 2% go farther.

Plain and simple if your website is not #ranking on Google first page top 5 results you will make no #money and get no traffic.
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If your website is not ranking in google #1 then don't worry, still you can get traffic from blogs, forum, etc but of-course google is important and maybe they can give you at lest 99% visitors which is related to your niche.
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If you are rankings on second page for a competitive keyword then you should get pretty good traffic to your website.
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It all depends on your skills and art of selling things online even if your website stands on second page but yous hould also try to get to rank your page on first page becuase mostly user never go for 2nd page .
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If you get a good amount of visitors, you will earn money. If you can rank your website or blog to googles first page, you will get a good traffic and good money. Try to do some advanced SEO.
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It's totally depends on user's skills that how much unique content they write and unique keyword choose. Even though the site was in second position user can earn money.

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