Can I make Money With My Service Providing Site?

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Hello Friends,

I am going to launch a website whee I will offer clients Clipping Path Service. I will mainly focus on image manipulation work like clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, color correction etc. My target market is mainly USA and Europe.

Now my question is, can I use this site to earn money by using other ways like adsence?

Please advice.

Thanks and regards.
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Yes, you can earn money through your website. Make a separate page for the blog and run the ads in all the blog posts.
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Actually, it is one of the good ideas to make money from the blog page. I have tried to my own site. I got benefits. You can try it!
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Definitely you should have selling power along with communication skills.

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Junior Member can earn money with service providing through create service blogs, ads...

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