Best Link Building Strategy?

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Hi Guys,

I like to know which link building strategy is the best practice to get a high ranking in SERP.

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Grow to know your viewers.
Create a list of websites which request to your wanted audience.
Write astounding content.
Match content to websites.
Utilize social media to increase your content
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I also want to know about it. I want any new technique available nowadays.
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There are various technique that you can use to build high-quality backlinks. Some of the best link building strategies are-

1. Guest Posting
2. Article Posting
3. Blog Comments
4. Forum Submission
5. PPT/PDF Submission
6. Video Submission

These are some of the best way that you can use to create a high-quality backlink for your website.
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In these days, guest blogging is pretty effective and popular way of building backlinks
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Use Strategic Guest Blogging.
Create and Distribute Infographics. ...
Get Active on Social Media. ...
Use Resource Links From Trusted Sites. ...
Leverage the Broken Links Strategy. ...
Grow Your Personal Brand. ...
Check Competitor's Backlinks. ...
Replicate Best Links From Competitors.

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