Any good backlinks generator or submitter?

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I need to generate or get backlinks to my website fast so that it will start gaining PA #PageAuthority and go up in #GoogleRankigs!

Which #submitter or #generator can you recommend?
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You should not use any of those! I know it's tempting when you see some like this "generate 2000 backlinks for free". The reason those #backlinks are useless is cause they come from sites that check IP address or domain name record and stuff like that.
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I agree with marcus_averelius. Don't do this. You can do more harm than good for your website by this behaviour. Also, page rank was important in the past, not now. Now, you should generate good content which brings visitors to your site.
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There are lots of good and quality backlinking websites which allow user to submit their website link which will increase their page ranking and authority in search engine.
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I think the backlink is no longer important, ex: my website about outdoor furniture with a huge baclink but google ranking is too low Sad(
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it's depends on your competition also back links are important it shows output very slowly

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