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General Business

To make money doesn't necessary mean online or internet. Before the web people were making money the old fashion way by doing business buying and selling products and services for a profit. This is where we discuss stuff like, administration, management, accounting, how to get business degree for instance, courses, schools, colleges, universities, mba degree, developing training, finance, certification, programs etc. I mean anything that relates to getting your business degree and stating your own company, or a firm.
How To Start A Business?
05-22-2017 04:00 PM
by homeboy

International Business

Finally got your business going and it's making money and now is the time to expend going internationally right? This means dealing with different countries outside the USA (US) with their laws and legislations. Also you will probably have to use a different business strategy, create more jobs and increase your spendings which is a bit scary. Don't worry if you need advice post it here.

Retail Business

Wondering how to start a company, small perhaps big retail business or a home based one and feel like out of ideas? Maybe you have money and wanna find the one that is for sale? Most of the retail businesses are pretty small and need help from the outside to make them grow and learn how to run them so that they make money and not lose them. For example franchise is one of the top and the most popular retail business to start. Share your business plan templates, ideas and marketing strategies.

Real Estate Business

Real estate business had always been favorite way to make money for many that have the enough money to make get started. This kind of money making method requires potentially big investment. If you are a commercial real-estate agent/broker or maybe just a beginner that needs help you can easily join our group. If you are looking for business to sale then post it in the marketplace. Any issues like with getting license and the requirements to get one, business opportunities, ideas, mls, rent, buying, selling and flipping properties, houses, shops etc.
How to make money buying ...
03-29-2017 11:27 AM
by softrapid

Accounts & Finance

Any business whether online of offline one needs to have good money management to control money flow or income. You need to keep accounting standard high to make sure your business making profit and not loosing money. This means hiring or giving job to professionals in the finance sector. From filing taxes to tax preparation, refund can be discussed here.
National Stock Exchange (...
12-30-2016 04:02 PM
by purubaggy

Sales / Marketing

Sales is the most important factor in any business as it determines whether the you are making profit or loosing money. The goal of any company, firm, business is to use best marketing strategies to get more customers and increase make more sales. Discuss how to use marketing and what tactics are the best to produce high results.
Online vs Offline Marketi...
05-22-2017 04:02 PM
by homeboy

Best Practice for Small Business

Share your best business ideas that will help small home based business owners get started, get more opportunities and survive in this highly competitive marking world and make whole lot of money in the process.
How do I utilize aggressi...
04-11-2017 11:07 AM
by softrapid

Legal Advice

Any business has to comply with the law which states that you as a business owner have to make money the legal way and pay your taxes regularly. Since this process is quite complicated you might ask for a legal advice here for free. Legal lawyers cost money but no matter what answer you get here (which in many cases is the same as you'll get from a paid source) I would always seek a professional legal experts advice I mean from the real person.

Save Money

Tips, tricks, tactics, techniques and ways to save money. To make money we have to spend some but the amount we spend will determine the amount of money or profit we will earn. Here you can discuss on general household money saving as well business!
How can I save money on t...
05-23-2017 08:40 AM
by maheshseo

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